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Questions and Awnsers

Q. What time of day should I water?  
A. It is recommended that you water early in the morning so that the cycle will be completed by early to mid morning. This minimizes water lose regarding evaporation from the sun, more water is applied to the soil. There is usually less wind during these hours, which affects the pattern of your sprinkler heads by spraying more water on undesired areas such as the road or your house.
Q. What should I do if I have a broken sprinkler head?
A. Make sure the water is turned off to your system prior to doing any work on it.  Dig up the area in which there is a leak in the ground.  Access the damage, which can be a number of things from a broken head, broken riser or a problem with the pipe in the ground. If this were something your not comfortable with, call us for service.
Q. How long should I be watering on each zone or station?
A. There are a lot of different variables regarding sprinkling times.  Some of these factors are whether the zone is in full sun, partial shade or full shade.  How much of a slope there is and exposure it gets from the sun or along hardscapes like asphalt.  Soil type is also a factor. In general, there is about a 3 to 1 ratio on sprays versus rotors.  An example is if a spray zone runs for 10 minutes a rotor zone should run for 30.
Q. What if a zone or station is on, but my controller is on off?
A. Chances are this is a more involved problem than with which a homeowner can deal with. Simply turn the top valve to the sprinkling system located on the backflow preventer off on the outside of the house.  This will shut down the entire system down and call us for service.
Q. What if I turn on the station at the controller but there is no water?
A. Check the main valve in your basement to sprinkling and make sure it is open.
  Check the valves on vacuum breaker and make sure they're in the open position.
  Check power to the controller.
  Check to see in the Rain Sensor has interrupted the sprinklers cycle.
  Walk around on your property to check for leaks in your sprinkler lines.  If you see an area flooding in your yard, you have a break in your line.  Unless you’re comfortable repairing this, or if none of the other steps worked, you should probably call Evergreen Underground Sprinkling for a service call.
Q. How much does an irrigation system cost?
A. A typical residential system on an average city lot can range from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the complexity and features of your sprinkler system.
Q. How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?
A. A typical residential system usually takes 1 to 3 days.  The systems size, complexity and site conditions will dictate installation time.
Q. Will Evergreen Underground Sprinkling be the lowest bid on your system?
A. Probably not.  Why? Because doing it right usually costs a little more up front in the initial investment of your sprinkler system.
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